THB and what is to come….

Warren Pyper by

Hey Hamilton… we are so close. It has been a very long and winding path that has truly forced me to live a saying that we used to use all the time in the infantry (Hamilton’s own, Riley’s!)…. Improvise, adapt & overcome! One learns so much as they progress in working toward a dream. Plans change, expectations evolve, goals refine. Eventually through perseverance a dream starts to gain traction, then momentum truly begins. As of right now THB is closer than ever to becoming a reality. Through the evolution of the planning and funding process I have been forced to refocus and become a contract brewer. This decision is in hopes of building THB the brand up to one were, in the not so distant future, THB can break ground on it’s very own brick and mortar brewery here in Hamilton. The fact of the matter is, it takes a ton of cash to do that and we just weren’t getting there. Not without a product in the market place and some sales history. This decision means that THB needed to take it’s brewing to another Southern Ontario brewery. Don’t worry, these guys are great and the reciepe remains our own. With the brewing leaving the city it became even more important that everything else be done here in the Hamilton. THB’s new branding, our glasses, tap handles, apparel, coasters, and a host of other products and services are all Hamilton made and/or provided. Our licenses are pending, our production test batch is about ready to be brewed. If all goes according to plan we are on track for a mid to late November launch. Blue Collar Pale Ale will be availible ontap to begin in bar’s and restaurants all over the city. If you don’t see it on tap let your bar tender or waitress know about us. I hope to progress this into cans and also to launch a second brand in the spring but to do so THB will need your help! Tell your friends, tell your family…..tell strangers at the bar! Cheers! Warren Pyper For more check out this great spot TheSpec just ran on us.