Riley Red is out now!

Warren Pyper Written by 

Riley Red is out now!!

THB's loooonnng overdue second year round beer is here!  Riley Red, named for Hamilton's oldest and most storied Infantry Regiment, the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry is a 4.5% slightly sweet red ale with a smooth body and nearly no hops on the finish.  The sweetness comes from caramel malt while the long smooth body comes from using oats in the boil. Riley Red will never be considered a hoppy beer at only 5 IBU but we are using a UK hop called Bramling Cross which has a subtle grassy/hay attribute that provides a clean finish on the pallet.  We hope you enjoy it!

Right now Riley Red is only availble in bars and restauants for now but we are submitting it to the LCBO for a year round lisiting.  If that goes through we estimate that it would be mid 4th quarter before it hits the shelves.  For now though please visit the bars and restaurants below to try Riley Red!

Winking Judge Pub

Nique Restaurant

Bar Izakaya

Jack & Lois

Bar Sazerac

Knead Pizza

Salt Lick Smokehouse

The Brew Cafe & Bar

Architecture Hair Design

Rust City Brewery

Mancala Monk

Mattson & Co.

Mattson to go

Mill's Hardware

Thirsty Cactus

West Town Bar & Grill

Keep checking back for more locations!!